Pinus Pinaster


Pinus Pinaster Extract


Pinus Pinaster Extract is the essence extracted from the bark of the Maritime Pine, also known as Pinus Pinaster of the Pinaceae family. This marine pine thrives in a very windy and sunny location, where the extreme conditions are too much for other plants. In order to survive the harsh environment, it developed substances, contained within the bark, that protect and defend the plant from external aggressors. These substances has been proven to be highly beneficial as a skin care ingredient.

Pinus Pinaster extract can soothes the skin and protect it from free radicals as well as damages from UV radiation and daily environmental pollution. It has been proven to be able to reduce the appearance of skin aging sign by boosting the synthesis of Type I Collagen. In addition, Pinus Pinaster extract are able to decrease excess sebum production, thus, reducing the appearance of acne on the skin.