Organic Malva Sylvestris


Organic Malva Sylvestris (Mallow) Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract


Malva Sylvestris has a long history of medicinal use by herbalists due to the numbers of benefit it carries. It is very rich in mucilage, which is highly valued for its moisturizing and soothing effects. Its fruit and seeds have the highest mucilage content and are often used to prepare a decoction or herbal tea for internal body's healing. The leaves, on the other hand, are used to make poultices used to heal wounds, rashes, insect bites and other skin problems. It may be used to make an external emollient. The volatile oil made from its roots, leaves and seeds, are known for its astringent, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Other uses include treatment for toothache and insomnia.

With a high-purity extract obtained from the Swiss Alpine Organic Malva Sylvestris, it provide a natural moisturizing and soothing effects on the skin. The pure essence of the plant are very beneficial and mild in nature, thus, making it ideal to apply on irritated or sensitive skin as well as the skin of a newborn baby. Through its high mucilage, polysaccharides and tannins content, it is effective in treating inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, eczema and atopic dermatitis.